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Menu: (Status-Active Extensions)

This lists and allows you to interact with active calls being handled by your server.

By default, it shows a list of extensions assigned to the current user, and then shows a list of ALL extensions on the server (that only admins will able to interact with, though)

To disable users from seeing extensions other than their own, add a system variable like so:

  1. Go to system -> variables page
  2. Click the little plus on the top right
  3. Set a) "active_extensions_list_display" to b) "false" c) in section "Defaults" and d) enabled to true.

Options available to interact with active calls are:

  • transfer
  • park
  • hangup
  • start record (equivalent to pressing the record button on a phone that supports SIP_INFO recording messages)

When you press Start record it will change to stop record to allow you to stop your recording. Recordings go into freeswitch/Recordings. Note that recordings made from this page will be stereo with the a-leg and the b-leg being separated into the right and left channel as an 8kHz WAV file. Note: If you want a mono recording with both the a-leg and the b-leg mixed to form a single mono 8Khz WAV file then please use the Active Calls screen instead.

NOTE: If you press START RECORD and your call is hung up check the messages in the cli. It is probably a permission issue on the directory structure where the files are being written. The error message in the cli will tell you where that is. See Permissions for more information.

NOTE: Active Extensions is available to all users and they will have the ability to interact with calls only for the extensions to which they are assigned users.