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Menu: (Apps-Call Block)

Call Block is a module that lets you create and manage a block list for incoming calls. You can set the action to Reject a call, return a Busy or send it directly to Voicemail. The module is multi-tenant aware.

Call Block tracks the number of times that the caller was blocked.

You can enable/disable blocking without removing the entry from the block list.


Call Block works by checking the incoming callerid number against its database. If the callerid number and domain match, then the call can be blocked depending on the options that you set for that number.

For a particular Incoming Route (in Dailplan/Incoming Routes menu):

  • Add an Action (bottom of Incoming dialplan page)
  • set Tag=Action
  • set Order=70 (some number such that the action is performed before the Transfer action)
  • set Type=lua
  • Set Data=call_block.lua C
  • Group can be left empty
  • Click Save

The result should be a line in the incoming dialplan that looks like:

  • 'action lua call_block.lua C 70' just above the 'action transfer' line


Call Block appears on the Apps list. To manage your list of Blocked callers click on Apps/Call Block.. This shows you the current list of callerids.

To add:

  • Click on the + sign
  • Select one of the recent callers (click on + sign at RH side of page) to add it to the list OR
  • Manually enter the required information at the bottom of the page
  • Set the Action that you want to occur for that caller
  • Enable the action and click Save

Enjoy the peace and quiet of no nuisance calls.