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FlashPhoner is an Adobe Flash/Flex based softphone from FlashPhoner.com. While the flash portion of the phone is Open Source (GPL) it requires a license for the backend RTPM to SIP conversion software. The RTMP to SIP conversion is provided by Wowza Media Server and a Plugin for Wowza by FlashPhoner.com. This server software is available as a demo from their website for checking it out, and you can purchase licensing online.


The FlashPhoner Module itself is part of FusionPBX and will install like any other module. There are however some dependencies that need to be installed. You will need to install and configure Wowza Media Server with the FlashPhoner plugin from their respective sites. You will also need our customized FlashPhoner client.

1) Install Wowza Media Server - Instructions here: http://www.wowzamedia.com/store.html

2) Install FlashPhoner Software - Instructions here: http://flashphoner.com/ (follow the download link) http://docs.flashphoner.com/display/FP512/Installation

3) Install FusionPBX Customized FlashPhoner Client

  • Download the tarball from here
 wget http://fpbx1.tollfreegateway.com/flashphoner_client_for_fusionpbx.tgz
  • untar the tarball
 tar zxf flashphoner_client_for_fusionpbx.tgz

( source code for the flash client at http://fpbx1.tollfreegateway.com/flashphoner_client_for_fusionpbx.src.tgz )

on Centos

mv bin-debug /var/www/html/flashphoner

edit the flashphoner.xml with your favorite editor to fix up the IP Address for the rtmp_server (this should be your servers IP address)

start up wowza media server if you havent already done so and let it rock out.

  • Wowza Media Server is Copyright © 2011 Wowza Media Systems.
  • FlashPhoner is Copyright © 2009-2011 FlashPhoner.com