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This section of FusionPBX is used for automatic phone provisioning.

Before going into detail about the functionality on this screen of the FusionPBX GUI it may be helpful to provide an overview of provisioning first.

Provisioning overview (untested) 1. setup a DHCP server where you can set options 66 and 43 to point to an HTTP or TFTP server (most phones capable of auto-provisioning support TFTP, but some also support HTTP) - dnsmasq is an example of a DHCP server that can do this 2. point the URL in option 66 and 43 to a directory on your FusionPBX server. An example using dnsmasq syntax and assumia yealink phone would be: dhcp-option=SPA,66,"http://fusionpbx/provisioning/yealink". Note that normally option 66 will only be a hostname or IP address, but it is possible that some phones might be smart enough to have a URL there and work out the server type from it. 3. the phone will theoretically then request two files from the server - one is a config file specific to the 4. add a rewrite rule to your web server so that http://fusionpbx/provisioning/yealink/001565aabbcc.cfg gets rewritten to the fusionpbx provisioning URL eg. The rewrite rule should forward the request to http://fusionpbx/mod/provision/index.php?mac=001565aabbcc.cfg. FusionPBX uses apache as a web server by default in the iso, but you might be using a different web server so you'll need to work this out for the server you are using. There are some Apache rewrite rule examples in the fpbx .htaccess file. An example for nginx and aastra phones is: location / {

  rewrite "^/provisioning/[a-z]+/([A-Fa-f0-9]{12})(\.(xml|cfg))$" /mod/provision/index.php?mac=$1 last;

} 5. when the phone requests that URL FusionPBX will add the MAC address of the phone to the database and it will show up in the phones database (and therefore on the phones screen in FusionPBX).