Call Broadcast

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Menu: (Apps-Call Broadcast)

Uses sched_api to schedule an API call in the future. Is used to schedule calls to the provided number/extensions and send them to the extension an IVR Menu, Conference Room, or any other number. Could be used among other things to schedule a Conference.

Concurrent Limit

Used to pace the calls calls if the timeout was 60 and the concurent limit is 100 then we would schedule 100 calls every 60 seconds.

Destination Number

This is the internal number to call. Send the call to an IVR Menu or some other number. If sending to a conference room make sure the room has a pin number or something that requires user input you don't want to add voiemail messages into the conference room.


Phone Number List

This is the external number to call. Set a list of phone numbers one per row in the following format: 123-123-1234|Last Name, First Name

5551231234|example 1
5551231234|example 2
5551231234|example 3