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Menu: (Apps-Call Center)

Manage Tiers, Queues, Agents directly from FusionPBX. Used to manage Mod_callcenter

How to setup Call Centre

1. Create a new user for the agent ( Accounts --> User Manager --> + sign)

2. When you save the new user, go back and Edit it. From the Groups drop-down menu select agent, then click Add & Save

3. Create call centre queue (Apps --> Call Centre --> + sign)

   --Queue name: Reference name for the queue
   --Extension: Extension number for the queue. Make sure it is unique for the system.
   --	Strategy: Strategy is the way the system will hunt the agents. For example: if longest-idle-agent is selected, the agent who hasn't been called for the longest time (idle) will be called first.
   --Time Base Score: This is for whether you want to add the extra seconds from the call being established to the agent call time or not. System will adds it where queue will keep the time from when the queue is reached.
   --Tier Rules Apply: Select True if you want to apply the tiers rules which we will setup later. By default is false.
   --All the others fields are pretty much standard.

4. When the Call Centre is saved, under Apps --> Call Centre, in the right top corner you have 2 buttons, Agents and Tiers. Click on Agents

5. Click the + sign to add a new call centre agent

   --Agent Name: Select the corresponding account you have created
   --Type: 2 types supported, callback and uuid-standby. callback will try to reach the agent via the contact fields value. uuid-standby will try to directly bridge the call using the agent uuid.
   --Contact: Select the extension you want to associate with that agent
   --Status: You can select status from here but it will be interacting with it later so it its not an important field for now
   --Agent Logout: This is where you can select a time of the day where automatically the agent will be logged out. As it says it requires a service to enforce it.

6. When all the Agent are defined, Go to Apps --> Call Centre --> Tiers

7. In Tiers you assign every agent to the specific queue you want. Click the + sign to add a new rule.

   --Select Agent Name and Queue Name as you want to match them.
   --Select Level and Position in case you want to have them on different levels.

8. Do not forget to setup Inbound Route for the DID you have and point it to the call centre Queue extension. For detailed documentation how to do that navigate to