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Menu: (Apps-Click to Call)

General Info

Provide the following information to make a call from the source number to the destination number.

Caller ID Name:	
Caller ID Number:	
Source Number:	
Destination Number:

Calling via URL Name&dest_cid_number=3615551234&src=1000&dest=3614613242&rec=false&ringback=us-ring

Broken down:

  • Location of App:
  • Caller ID name to send to your Extension
    • src_cid_name=TBDialout&
  • Caller ID Number to send to your extension (probably you want the number you're dialing)
    • src_cid_number=3615551234&
  • Caller ID Name to send to the destination
    • dest_cid_name=Your Name&
  • Caller ID Number to send to the destination
    • dest_cid_number=2225551234&
  • Extension number to call first
    • src=1000&
  • Destination number to call
    • dest=3615551234&
  • Record the call (true or false)
    • rec=false&
  • Ringback you want to here. Can also be uk-ring, fr-ring, rs-ring or music
    • ringback=us-ring

Integrating with Thunderbird's Address book

Install the version from the Dev Branch

The current version will nut function with TBDialout.

  • TBDialout by default only string replaces the first %NUM%. You need to patch FusionPBX to account for this (Nov 15, 2012).

You need to install the version from the dev branch. here's the easiest way to do so (this will fix on the next release after Nov 15 2012:

  • You also gain the ability to easily make sip uri calls.
cd /var/www/fusionpbx/app/click_to_call
mv click_to_call.php click_to_call.php.bak
chown www-data.www-data click_to_call.php #or whatever your web server user is.
  • Install the TBDialOut extension.
  • Open the extension and set it's preferences.
    • URL Scheme to use: Custom URL
    • Replace leading + with: Leave blank
    • Prefix called numbers with: Leave blank
    • Custom URL:
      • Here you will set dest=%NUM% and src_cid_number=%NUM%. Here's some block text you can copy and edit. Then make it one big URL. DO NOT ATTEMPT SENDING USERNAME AND PASSWORD OVER AN HTTP SESSION
&dest_cid_name=Your Company Name

The resulting url will look something like this: Company Name&dest_cid_number=your_phone_number&src=Your_Extension&dest=%NUM%&rec=false&ringback=us-ring
    • Username: Leave Blank
    • Password: Leave Blank
    • Open in background (http/https only): Checked for Live, Unchecked for debugging


Open the address book and click a phone number. It should dial your extension first, and then ring the other party.