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The fusionpbx-bot is run by AviMarcus via a london VPS.

As of 2011-02-03 it is still in setup/programming/etc.


When SVN updates occur, the bot will provide an update to the IRC channel of the change. You can also find out the current revision using the ~latest command (see below).

Bot command list

The working/planned commands include:

  • "s/find/replace/" to fix your own words
  • inline: write a line with ,,command to run the command
  • inline with args: write ,,(fswiki HA John) to give highlight john with direct link to the freeswitch like for searching for HA

All other commands must be prefixed with either an ! or a ~ [optional] means optional. All can also be used embedded, as explained above.

General information commands


  • ~log7 It's ALL in the /log 7!!!!
  • ~trace More information is good. Please show us a log from the fs_cli on /log 7 that replicates the error. You can paste it on: http://fusionpbx.pastebin.com
  • ~upstream This sounds like a generic FreeSWITCH question, and you may be better/faster answered upstream at #freeswitch

Time Commands

Messaging commands

  • ~later tell <nick> <text> - Tells the <nick> whatever <text> is the next time the bot sees them online.
  • ~notes - to see waiting notes.

FusionPBX revision commands

Private mode

If you would rather not clutter the channel, you can private message the bot. You do not need to prefix commands with a "~".