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Menu: (Apps-Hunt Group)

Hunt Groups (sequential ring) and Ring Groups (simultaneous ring) can be set up here including extensions on the phone system AND external destinations.

Additionally call_forward, dnd, follow_me_sequence, follow_me_simultaneous can be set up here as well. (if you know how to use these please document them)


Note that if huntgroups work funny you should check the freeswitch cli to see if you are getting errors. There may be files missing. On a new install the file huntgroup_originate.lua will be copied to freeswitch/scripts. But if you have upgraded from an earlier install it will be missing. Copy it from fusionpbx/includes/install/scripts and remember to set the permissions and ownership to match the rest of the scripts directory.

Additionally, you may be missing the freeswitch/sounds/en/us/callie/custom directory - in earlier installations this was in freeswitch/sounds/custom. On a new install this is put in the correct place but on older installs it will be in the wrong place. Copy this from includes/install/sounds/custom so you have the latest version if you are missing it.

A little more info

When you create a huntgroup fusionpbx will also create a queue (fifo). The queue is used when you use the "caller announce" feature of the huntgroup, and also when you use call forward and follow me with a call prompt. Don't try and edit the fifo definition - if you later edit ANY hunt group it will completely re-write all the huntgroup fifos and overwrite any change you have made.