Outbound Routes

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Menu: (Dialplan-Outbound Routes)

Allows you to easily create outbound routes through a gateway. When a call matches the conditions the call is then routed to that gateway. This is just a logical grouping for easy management of Outbound Routes to Gateways.

ADD Outbound Routes

Gateway: Select the gateway to use with this outbound route.
Dialplan Expression: dialplan data, which is autofilled if you use the drop-down list in the bottom	
drop-down list: Shortcut to the Dialplan Manager to create the outbound dialplan entries for this Gateway.
Order: Select the order number. The order number determines the order of the outbound routes when there is more than one.
Enabled: Choose to enable or disable the outbound route.
Description: Enter a description for the outbound route.

Pin Number

To have the system ask for a PIN number before a call is made. A good use is if you don't want every user on the system to be able to call international destinations. Do the following:

Before the bridge action on the route add the following actions

action set pin_number=(Whatever pin number you choose)

action lua pin_number.lua

Also make sure pin_number.lua is in /usr/local/freeswitch/scripts/ (by default it is)