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Parking Lots

There are three types of parking lots you can choose from.

Slot Parking

The first is to have slots. The user would park and pick up the call from the same slot.

To enable this method you only need to enable the dialplan entry park_slots in the dialplan manager.

The default is to have 3 slots (5901, 5902, and 5903) If you would like more or less slots edit the dial plan entry and just add/change the destination number.


The other parking method is to have a park button and for the system to auto-select the slot to park the call in.

To enable this feature you must enable two dialplan entries. park_in and park_out.

The default is to park the call on 5900 and pick it up on 5901, 5902, or 5903.

To change this edit the dialplan entries and change the destination numbers.

If you would like to add slots you must edit park_in and change park_range to the number of parking lots you would like then add the new slots to park_out.

Valet Park


Needs timeout set.

<extension name="valet_park" >
   <condition field="destination_number" expression="^(park\+)?(690[0-9])$" >
       <action application="set" data="valet_parking_timeout=300" />
       <action application="set" data="valet_parking_orbit_exten=4401" />
       <action application="valet_park" data="park@${domain_name} $2" />

Cisco SPA-5xx Series

Cisco SPA5xx's: They do not seem to like $PROXY. It also appears to want the extension tag at the end (vid=1|2|3). At least this seems to work more reliably. Was having issues with park.lua and Cisco phones locking up on trying to retrieve calls from lots.