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Menu: (Apps-Recordings)

If you want to make a recording available for use in FusionPBX this is the screen you go to.

The required admin pin is located under Dialplan > Recordings.

Here you can upload a file to the server or there are instructions for recording one using a phone handset.

Once you have recorded or uploaded your recording, you have to configure it on this screen before FusionPBX will know it is there and can make use of it. Press the + button and identify the exact name of your recording file, a human friendly name, and optionally a description. Once you have done this it is possible to select the recording in the FusionPBX IVR screen.

Please note: you can only use the TOP level in the recordings directory if you want your recordings to be available for use in an IVR. If you put them into subdirectories then even if you manually add them on the recordings screen (and they will successfully add and you can preview them) you will not see them on the IVR drop down menus.

If you want to group your recordings in sub-menus you are better off storing them in the sounds directory structure. Though it should be noted that that directory structure has a very strict definition and if you do not follow it then FusionPBX IVR menu, apart from others, will not behave. The structure is sounds/language/dialect/voice/folder/bitrate eg. sounds/en/us/callie/digits/8000 - where this is English, United States, a voice talent called Callie, the digits folder, 8000hz bitrate, and then all the sound files are below that. While 8khz is fine for many configurations, if you are using g722 codec it uses 16khz and if there are no 16khz sound files present you will simply get an error in the logs or in the cli when freeswitch tries to play the sounds. There are other codecs that use 16khz, 32khz and even 48khz, so you need to ensure that you have appropriate bitrate recordings for the codecs you use on your system. Using the recordings folder avoids this complication - so you need to weigh your requirements and decide appropriately.

Note: if you have WAV files in the recordings directory they WILL show up on this list and you can use them. If they are not showing up on this list it is because there is a permission problem on the directory. In this case please check the permissions and ownership of the directory and confirm that the files now show up.