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Menu: (System-Settings)

Hold various settings and passwords for this system.


Default Area Code: Used by 'Outbound routes' when 7 digits is selected. When 7 digits is used then area code is prefixed to the number that is dialed. This useful to those in North America in small calling areas where people are accustomed to 7 digit dialing.

SMTP Host SMTP host domain or IP address. This is the email server that will send the voicemail to email and fax to email messages. Example:

SMTP Secure none, tls, ssl example: tls

SMTP Auth true, false example: true

SMTP Username username for the email server if SMTP authentication is required. Example :

SMTP Password password for the email server if SMTP authentication is required.

SMTP From valid email address for the email server

SMTP From Name name for the email address. example: voicemail

Mod Shout Decoder used for MP3 support using mod_shout

Mod Shout Volume controls volume for MP3 support using mod_shout.

This page has settings for:

  • numbering plan - determines how phones numbers are constructed
  • area code - the default area code for 7 digit calling

It is not completely clear what the purpose of these is, however this XML snippet from directory/default/default.xml may shed some light on this. These appear to be default values and are set by FusionPBX in this file. It is possible that you can create multiple dialplans on a freeswitch/fusionpbx server that are specific to users based on overriding these default values.

     all variables here will be set on all inbound calls that originate from this user
     set these to take advantage of a dialplan localized to this user
     <variable name="numbering_plan" value=""/>
     <variable name="default_area_code" value=""/>