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Menu: (System)

Displays the currently logged in user account and provides a shortcut to voicemail messages belonging to that account.

Provides a shortcut to Call Forward, Follow Me, and Do Not Disturb settings belonging to the currently logged in user.

Provides a summary of System Information, Memory Information, CPU Status and Drive Information for your FusionPBX server.

Provides a place for you to download a backup copy of the FusionPBX database. Note that downloading this file is not necessarily enough to save the workings of your server. You would also need a copy of any recordings you have made, any scripts you have installed, any SIP profiles you have created, any Advanced Dialplan changes you have made, and possibly some other items as well. However, having your database does allow you to re-create your extensions and all your FusionPBX dialplan settings, IVRs, Hunt Groups, Queues, etc. so it is better to have a backup of this than to have none at all. The best backup you can make though is a backup of the fusionpbx folder and the freeswitch folder. With both of those you should be able to restore a working system readily.