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Building FusionPBX on Digital Ocean 512 MB Instance

Setup account on Digital Ocean

Create a new droplet. I chose 512 MB version New York, Ubuntu 12.04, since I am in the states 55 seconds later, I had a new VPS and an email with the root password SSH into VPS using putty or your favorite SSH client

(I ran everything as root)

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade

apt-get install build-essential (don't know if this is needed, but installs a c++ compiler and other things that I always seem to need.)

apt-get install memcached (this is missing from the script and found an error in my fusionpbx logs)

Go to: http://wiki.fusionpbx.com/index.php?title=Easy_FusionPBX

wget the latest script....

Go to your preferred install directory (/usr/local) or whatever you like

As of Feb. 2014 the command was:

wget http://fusionpbx.googlecode.com/svn/branches/dev/scripts/install/ubuntu/install_fusionpbx.sh

After downloading the script....

chmod +x install_fusionpbx.sh

At this point, you can vi into the file and change any settings (such as database preference, etc) – see fusionpbx website for more details. I stuck with the defaults SQLite and to prompt after each install so I could check for errors.

When you are ready type:

./install_fusionpbx.sh -h


OK. I also have a droplet on DO, 1GB/Ubuntu 12.04. So far the instructions worked extremely well. But then........ after the response:

(Quote) response:

This script should be called as:

 install_fusionpbx option1 option2
     user: option waits in certain places for the user to check for errors
           it is interactive and prompts you about what to install
     auto: tries an automatic install. Get a cup of coffee, this will
           take a while. FOR THE BRAVE!
        install_fusionpbx install-both user

So I installed both:

 install_fusionpbx install-both user


Of course I typed in: "install_fusionpbx install-both user" (without quotes, you dummies) and i get an error. "Unrecognized command: install etc. etc.) So what am I doing wrong? Maybe this "tutorial" needs somewhat of an update/redoing......

I think the problem with the above mentioned, is that they did not do

 ./install_fusionpbx install-both user

There's no reason the system would tell you that it was an unrecognized command unless you tried to run without the ./ in front of it. (as the script is not installed into your bin, sbin or local/(s)bin folders.


The 30-45 minute install process will start and will pause about every 2 to 15 minutes, based on how long it takes to complete each phase.

When it is complete, it will tell you to go to http://youripaddress and finish the install.

The only thing tricky there was the database install location, which I had to go look for:

It should be at: /var/www/fusionpbx/secure/

The install should complete and everything else is down on the new fusionpbx website at your ip address.

Other things I did:

Changed the SSH port to a non-standard port

Created a new user and turned off root access in SSH config

Modified the firewall to use the non-standard port instead of 22