Active Calls

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Menu: (Status-Active Calls)

This lists and allows you to interact with active calls being handled by your server.

Options available to interact with active calls are:

* transfer
* park
* hangup
* start/stop record

When you press start record it will change to stop record to allow you to stop your recording. Recordings go into freeswitch/Recordings.

  • Note that recordings made from this page will be mono with both the a-leg and the b-leg mixed to form a single mono 8kHz WAV file.
  • Note: If you want a stereo recording with the a-leg and the b-leg separated into left and right channels as an 8kHz WAV file then please use the Active Extensions screen instead.

NOTE: If you press REC and your call is hung up check the messages in the cli. It is probably a permission issue on the directory structure where the files are being written. The error message in the cli will tell you where that is. See Permissions for more information.

Note: Active Calls is only available to admin and superadmin accounts. Active Extensions is available to all users and provides much of the same functionality.

Which gateway is my call using?

If you want to know the gateway your call is using there is currently no way to do this with FusionPBX's GUI. Instead you can do it this way - go to advanced -> command and in the switch command section type show channels as xml and then press the execute button. In the output that is returned, look for the string sofia/gateway/ and the gateway name - this is the gateway your call is using.